My Friend is “Turning the Page”

Friends since we were 12 :)
Friends since we were 12 🙂

I just read a blog by my very good friend Lizette, who just found out she’s diabetic.  Under other circumstances, I’d keep this info to myself, and I damn sure wouldn’t say her name, but she was kind enough to share her story, so that others can learn from it.  I also got her blessing to share her story,  before writing this blog post.

I broke down crying when I read it. I didn’t expect what I was going to read and I really just don’t know how to handle it, especially since I’m not there with her.  She’s in great hands, because she has an awesome family, but I would still feel better if I could just go knock on her door.

I got myself together and called her. As usual she’s in good spirits.  I had to stop myself from crying during our convo, because I didn’t want to make her feel bad, about me feeling bad (because that’s the kind of person she is).  I love that girl!

She’s amazing! She does fundraisers for Autism (check the one coming up in April 3rd here). She started a little league team for her son whose on the spectrum. She’s taking on the NY public school system in regard to children on the spectrum. She is a leader in spreading Autism awareness.  She was NY1’s New Yorker of the Week.  She’s a mom of three, a wife, has a full time job, plus finds time to be there for her friends, and makes award winning Coquito.  Literally, like her coquito actually won an award. And she deserves it because it is the most wonderful coquito I have ever tasted. I could live on it.  She doesn’t waste a moment of life, and I am striving to be more like her.  She has this “I just do what needs to be done” attitude and she gets things done!  She makes things work.

And she’ll make this work.

Some of the symptoms she mentioned are things I’m experiencing right now. I was pre-diabetic a few years ago, and I literally ran it out of me.  I ran, and swam until my body stabilized.  I kind of forgot about those symptoms until reading her blog.  Diabetes runs on my father’s side.  I know of only one person on my mom’s side who had it, and he was my favorite person in the world.  He died while in a diabetic coma.  But, he didn’t have to. He didn’t take care of himself the way he was supposed to, and I’m still really pissed off at him for that, because he should be here.

I don’t have any healthcare, so until I’m able to see a doctor, I’ll eat and exercise as though I already know I have it. Which I’m pretty sure I do. Still, there’s nothing to change your life like knowing for sure.

For information about type 2 diabetes click here.

Here’s my awesome friend’s blog post “Turning the Page”. I thank her so much for sharing.

“For as long as I can remember diabetes is something I’ve lived with. I personally didn’t have diabetes, but I’d watch my mom nursing my dad and herself because they were both diabetics.  My mom monitored both their diets and their meds.   She’d lay out his pills. Prepare and give them both their insulin injections. She also kept track of their blood glucose levels daily.  They’d be pricking and poking themselves so much I joked that if they drink any liquids that it may start to pour out all their halls like a water fountain.”  Continue reading…

Thank you for reading!

Peace and good health.


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