What’s So Wrong With Being Naked?

th (5)Recently, I posted a beautiful pic of a bare Venus Williams on the cover of ESPN.  She looks amazing, and inspired me to work out.  One of my FBFs reposted it and asked “Why?”.  I can only assume she meant “why would she pose naked?”  To which I responded, “Why not? Her body is beautiful. Why have shame about our bodies? We all have the same thing, but we keep it covered up bc of what? Bc society has decidedd that the most natural part of us is obscene?”  (Yes, I had 3 ‘d’s in decided.)

I respect opinions.  We all have them.  Here’s mine:

The human body is a thing of beauty.  It’s natural art.  Why all of the shame?  If they were meant to be covered, we’d be born with fur.  The only valid reason I see to cover up is for protection from the elements.  We’ve made looking at our bodies such a perversion that it has actually become perverted.  If we were all naked, all the time, as part of our cultural upbringing, there would probably be less perverted activity.  The mystery of “seeing what’s underneath” would be replaced by knowing, and accepting it as being as natural as looking at someone’s face, which in some cultures is supremely intimate, and is taboo.

th5BN4K0A3Is it the belief that if I walk down the street naked, someone will be more prone to rape me?   Women in burqas get raped.  So, clothing has nothing to do with it.

thZPNCTU1IIt appears to be a matter of keeping women in their places – you know, since it’s socially acceptable for men to walk around topless.  I can hear people now saying, “But that’s different.”  It’s different because we made it different.  We’ve collectively accepted that a man’s chest is not obscene, but a woman’s breasts (which nurture the human race) are  obscene, along with the rest of our bodies.


Shame is a tool used by people to control each other.   I don’t think we were created to be ashamed of what the Creator created.  Especially, for those who believe in intelligent design. Wouldn’t covering up the design be a slap in the face of the designer?

thF4EWCGBWThere have been unfair comparisons made to Saartjie Baartman, the “Hottentot Venus”.  I feel it is disrespectful to Saartjie Baartman to compare the two. She had no choice in the matter, and was taken around as though she was a show animal. Venus Williams is a powerful, multi-millionaire, with free will, and is one of many women and men featured in the same and similar issues of ESPNs body magazine.

That’s my little two cents.  As I said in my poem, “What I’ve Grown to Love” (ehem) “If I could, I would walk around in my nakedness for all to see…”

th (6)Naked is beautiful!  Take as many naked pics as possible.  You don’t necessarily have to share them, but have them for yourself. Love your design, and appreciate it.

To Venus: You go girl!  You look fantastic!

Thank you for reading!

Peace and love.


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