Let’s Talk About Sex: Magnum Condoms – Fellas, Stay In Your Lane

thL48VGT93Maybe my vagina is just too sensitive.  I say that because I find ribbed condoms painful.  But that’s just me.  I can only assume there are women who like them, since they are still on the market.  A Magnum condom worn by a non-magnum penis gives me a similar painful feeling. Condoms should not have wrinkles!  They hurt, and they look horrible.  By wrinkles, I don’t mean the length wise excess, which is roll up.  I mean, actual wrinkles along the length of the shaft, because the condom is too wide.

I won’t say his name, no matter how much I’d like to,  but I had a boyfriend, who for whatever reason decided to use Magnums.  He wasn’t small by any means, but he wasn’t a Magnum man.  So, since he couldn’t fill up the condom, it left wrinkles and those wrinkles were painful.

I don’t know what types of ego things go on in a man’s mind that would make him try a Magnum. Why embarrass yourself, or us?  Maybe they don’t realize the actual width and length of a Magnum condom. According to condom-sizes.org,  regular Trojan, Lifestyles and Durex condoms are 7.50″ long and 2.09″ wide.  While, a Trojan Magnum condom is 8.07″ long and 2.13″ wide, with a head width of 2.56″.  So, the regular sized condoms are plenty big for most men.

I have had an actual Magnum man (or two), and (sorry, I’m having an especially, sweet moment with my memory), though there may have been some initial pain, it had nothing to do with condom wrinkles.

thPPY2HH5ZSo, what have we learned today?  Men, stay in your lane! If you use regular condoms, it by no means indicates that you are small.  If  you can fill up a regular condom, you’re still pretty freaking big.  Now, if you get wrinkles in a regular condom, well…there’s a condom for that too.  I thought snugs were a joke, but I just saw them when I looked up the dimensions of regular and large condoms. So there’s a lane for everyone.

Accept your penis size!   Bigger doesn’t mean better.  I mean, usually it does, but not all the time.  But most of the time, yeah, it does.  However, size is relative to the woman you’re with.  We don’t all see size the same way.  Six inches can be huge to one woman, or man, while eight inches can be small to another.  Just as women have to embrace the varying sizes of our bodies,  so should you embrace your manhood.  Besides, you only have one size to worry about – your penis. And no one can see that by just looking at you (though we have our ways of very effective guessing).  Meanwhile, women are concerned about breast, ass, hips, thighs, arms, and stomach sizes, and most of our parts are constantly on display, even in burqas.  So stay in your lane and use the right condoms!  Besides, if you use the wrong size, it kind of defeats the purpose of protection.


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