From Aerogramme Writers’ Studio, “12 Literary Magazines for New & Unpublished Writers”

For me, 2015 means focusing on writing becoming my number one source of income.  I also want to share the information I receive along the way.  Hopefully it will help my fellow indie authors and publishers who are also on writing journeys.

I’m not sure how I came across this article, “12 Literary Magazines for New & Unpublished Writers”, but I’m glad I did.  Not only for the article itself, but for the blog source, Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.  They have a lot of great info for authors.  They are based in Australia, but they have info that pertains to pretty much anyone. Plus, it’s good to get an international perspective on your craft.  If you find this helpful, please let me know!

Providing news and helpful information for emerging writers was one of the major motivations for starting the Aerogramme Writers’ Studio website. One of the most popular articles we’ve posted to date has been 9 Literary Magazines for New and Unpublished Writers. So, by popular demand, here are 12 more publication opportunities for writers at the start of their careers to consider.

If you haven’t submitted your work for publication before, or if you would just like some tips from the experts, be sure to read How to Submit Your Writing to Literary Magazines, a great article with lots of useful advice from the editors of Neon Literary Magazine.

1. Sixpenny
is a new digital magazine of illustrated short stories. Each issue has six stories that take six minutes to read: three by widely published authors, and three by unpublished authors. Each writer is paid $100 for their work. The editors are seeking literary fiction that ‘keeps a reader engaged and excited from the first word to the last. Read more…

Thank you for reading!



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