Happy Birthday Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

thJ0PR6W44There is so much to admire, appreciate, and revere about this man. Talk about passion, and selflessness. To give your life to be in service to others. To go into it, knowing that you could be killed. That brand of courage is rare. It comes from being fed up, and having the will to fight for change.  He could’ve been anything, but he chose to live for the people. I thank him for stepping out and fighting, and being one of the many people who have gone through the struggle, so that my load is lighter.   The rest is up to me and you.


Listen to the speech, not as just sound bites, but listen to the words, and how relevant they are today.  In the scope of history, this wasn’t that long ago.  My mom was alive when he gave this speech. We have a lot of work ahead, but we have accomplished a lot since then.  Things that won’t even be realized for another twenty years or so. Don’t stop.

Thank you for reading!



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