My WCW – Venus and Serena Williams

I was going to do two separate posts for the Williams sisters, but, I didn’t know which to put first. I guess Venus, since she’s older.


But, I decided to put them both together.


It would’ve been an easier choice if they were phenomenal in two different ways.  But they share the same awesomeness, which of course, is outstanding acumen for tennis.


I’ve watched their documentary “Venus and Serena” several times.  These sisters are so inspirational.  What amazing work ethic and drive.

thYCM1UBBUMakes you think about all the things that children can accomplish with focused, interested and involved parents.  I love when their father admonished the reporter who was asking Venus questions that he didn’t feel were appropriate.  Go ahead daddy!

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They seem pretty grounded for the amount of success they’ve achieved.  They are living legends.  Tennis was not a sport I watched before them.  Though, I did like to play as a pre-teen, but it wasn’t something I took seriously.  I might have if I’d seen them. thE82DXIOA

Thank you Venus and Serena for breaking color and gender barriers.  And special thanks to your parents for putting you in the position to be so great.


Thank you for reading!



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