January Is Over! One Down, Eleven More to Go!

Today is the last day, of the first month, of 2015! So far, I’ve uprooted my life (again) and moved, this time to New Orleans, and this time with my car. I think the high in NYC is 25 today.  It’s 66 degrees here in NOLA, which is almost cold to the people here, but hot to me for January.  In NY, we get a 50 degree day and it’s time to bar-b-que.

Tomorrow will make two weeks that I’ve been in the Crescent city.  The driving here is… different.  There are legal U turns everywhere, and streets that don’t look streets, lanes that don’t look like lanes.  It’s weird.  You have to be really careful driving here.  But, the driving still has an advantage over NYC, because even though there are a lot of people walking here, in comparison to other southern cities, there is much less foot traffic for drivers to be concerned about than in NYC.

Anyway, I went too deep into that.  The point is, I’m in a new city, but with the same mission: write, write, write!  I’m around music creativity constantly now, which is a great motivator.  Being around people with set creative goals that I can relate to is very inspirational.  It makes me feel like I can really pull this off.  I can really do what I love for a living.

I’m at Loyola University right now.    My play-brother is a professor here and he’s teaching a music class.  He told me twenty minutes before he was leaving that I was going to be his chauffer and that I’d be staying until his lecture was done.  Hey, I’m living with him for free, so I have no problem with it.  But I’m like, dude, you don’t tell a female (especially on a Saturday morning) only twenty minutes ahead of time that she’s going to be in public. I need more notice than that. I had to shower, dress, moisturize,  and do my hair.  Thank goodness I don’t wear make-up.  My hair looks crazy right now!  But he doesn’t care.  He’s still introducing me to people like everything is everything.

I actually just got excited because I found some bobby pins in my bag for my hair.  Yes!  I just pinned that bitch back!

I remember when I was a college student, all wide eyed and drunk.

This kid just sat next to me eating something that smells so horrible I want to gag.  It got into my throat and made me cough.  I feel like taking a shit, it smells so bad.  And he’s taking forever to eat it.

I’m looking forward to February.  Mardis Gras!  This stranger told me there was a parade already a few days ago.  My brother lives two blocks from Canal street and about a 40 minute walk from the French Quarter.  I’m a native New Yorker so 40 minutes isn’t much for me to walk.

January has been really smooth, considering the big life change.  I like moving.  I think I like the idea of starting over. That’s because I don’t have any kids, or any responsibility to anyone aside from myself.  I could live in my car right now if I wanted to and just drive around the country. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get knocked up.  I guess take my kid around the world with me, like I’m in the military.

How’s your 2015 going so far?

Thanks for reading!



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