Say It Isn’t So!!! Jon Stewart is Leaving “The Daily Show”

th (6)By now, I’m sure the majority of us have heard the news – Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. There’s a lot I want to say.  Way too much.  I know he has to go live his life and do all of the other things he wants to do, like be with his family.  I know I’m being super selfish by wanting him to hold off on his other endeavors, so that he can keep speaking sense to the nation.  He is just so important to me.  To the country.  He takes so many people to task for their bullshit, and I just don’t know who will do that Monday – Thursday when he’s gone.  I’m actually kind of scared about not having his voice of reason amongst all of the other babbage floating around cable news.

I wish I could thank Jon Stewart and The Daily Show staff in person for always speaking up and letting me know that there are white people out there who actually get it.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this, because I am really going to miss his comedy, his interviews and most of all his commentary.  I’ve been watching The Daily Show, since back when Craig Kilborn was the host.  I can still remember how excited I was to find out Jon Stewart was going to take over.  Not that I saw anything wrong with Kilborn, but I’d watched Stewart on MTV, and when he had his late night talk show, plus I really enjoyed his standup.  He took The Daily Show and made it my go-to source for news.  Between him, and then later, The Colbert Report, I remained up to date on news topics from sources I could trust.  They had no reason to manipulate the truth other than for laughs.  The world can be a vicious, evil, terrible place, so I don’t watch the news.  But I watch(ed) their shows.  Their shows tackled the news with more grace than the so-called “real” news shows.

th (7)Larry Wilmore has proven to be a great replacement for The Colbert Report.  I wish it was on for an hour.  His is more of a talk show.  We still need The Daily Show for its news style format. I wonder who is going to take over?  Or, will there even be a Daily Show anymore? Will an entirely different show take its place?

At the moment, it all seems to be up in the air.  In the meantime, I’m just really sad about this news.  I can’t say enough how much I’m going to miss him.

Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for standing up for the American people on so many topics from crooked politicians to Ferguson.  Thank you for your fearlessness, and your desire for the truth.  Thank you for speaking for those of us who don’t have a mic to be heard.

I wish you the best Jon Stewart.  We still have you for a few more months though.  I’m sorry that I won’t be able to go to your show to watch you live.  Maybe by some miracle I’ll be able to get tickets.  Or maybe you’ll do some more stand up and I’ll be able to catch a show.

I wonder if he knew how important his voice would become to the country? Amazing the things we can do.  He is definitely an inspiration. Don’t get me started on all the careers launched because of this show.

Thank you for reading.



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