Psst… Yeah You, Giuliani – Your Slip is Showing

th (4)So, let me get this straight: Giuliani, a second generation American (neither his paternal, nor maternal grandparents were born in America), and son of a criminal, who served time in Sing Sing, is questioning how someone else was “brought up” and their patriotism? People in glass houses…. Someone could easily pick apart his family, if they wished, and disprove that he was raised to be loyal to our country. The man who left his wife for his mistress should tread lightly on topics of patriotism, or anything dealing with any type of moral standing. He, who switched from democrat, to independent, to republican, because the pay was better. He, who dodged serving in Vietnam, has the audacity to question someone else’s love of country?

This is not to say recent immigrants, nor their progeny, love my country any less than I or any other pre-American Revolutionary War descendants. But, he speaks as though he’s an uber American, who is somehow in the position to judge the loyalty, and love, of others, because his is the greatest patriotic love of all. As though he’s in some mythical position to say someone wasn’t raised in that one special, magical American way in which he was reared. Shall I go deeper? The sir name “Obama” is as American as the sir name “Giuliani.”  So, he doesn’t have a gun in that battle. One is no more, nor any less American than the other.  Loyalty and love lessons from a politician who publically disrespected his marriage vows.  HA! No, thank you.

Let’s be real: 9/11 saved his political career. He had already been laughed out of his senate run against Hillary Clinton. He was already dealing with the embarrassing details of his extramarital affair. Just because he happened to be the mayor during that tragic time doesn’t make him some super American hero. It was a matter of circumstance. He’s no more a hero than Ray Nagan. The heroes of that day would’ve been heroes whether he was mayor or not. Meanwhile, my president actually set up a mission and succeeded in killing Bin Laden.  I’d say that’s pretty fucking patriotic.

His comment about the president not going through 9/11 is a slap in the face to every American. We ALL went through 9/11 in one way or another. The effects of that tragedy rippled throughout the entire country.  He doesn’t own the patent on that pain.

This is not a topic I planned to address, because he made those comments just to get attention. But Giuliani, do you really want the American public to pull your skirt? I mean, your slip is already showing.

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