MCM – Patrice O’Neal

Patrice O’Neal is one of my favorite comedians of all time.  He died just when the world was going to know his name.  I’d been watching him for a few years before his passing, on Comedy Central specials.  I couldn’t believe how open and honest he was.  When he finally released Elephant In the Room I was so happy for him.  I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

He was larger than life in more ways than his size.  He was unapologetic about being a black man.  A man period.  He accepted his frailties, and opened his heart up in a way that made me love almost every word that came out of his mouth, on stage.

Patrice Oneal 2

Watching Elephant in the Room (for the hundredth time) is really eerie.  He literally said his days were numbered.  He mentioned his diabetes, how he felt about working out, about trying to change one’s life after 40, and he kind of sounds like he’d given into the inevitable.  We all have our own truth, and he accepted his, and his role in it.

Patrice Oneal

His passing was just way too soon. His is one of those voices that’s much needed.  He had one of those spirits that could change your day, and cause you to laugh at yourself while laughing with him.  I miss him.

This special aired on Comedy Central, February 19, 2011.  On November 29, 2011 he passed away from a  stroke.

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Erykah Badu Being Silly in NYC

Lady Badu is at it again. This video was just posted today of her and her team on 42nd street, singing for money.  I would’ve recognized her immediately and would’ve wild out! Some people did recognize her.  Singing about not wanting to get a job is probably why she only made $3.60.

I commend her for her experiment. It’s not easy to ask for money in the street.  That’s why I give when I can.  I know people don’t give because there are scams and because the person may use it to go get drugs or whatever.  None of that is my business.  IF I see someone that looks like they need help and I’m in the position to, then it’s my pleasure.

I like the credits at the end. LOL! She is too, too much!

What do you think about her experiment?

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LMAO! Jimmy Fallon Featuring – “Ew!”

I watch Jimmy Fallon on Hulu, so I caught this yesterday, a day late.  I replayed it several times and LOL’d each time.  The audience was so amped up at one point I couldn’t hear all of what was being said.  Fortunately (and of course), it’s on YouTube, which I just saw a few minutes ago. It already has over 4 million hits! If you haven’t seen it, take a look.  Oh, how I love clever silliness!

I’m sure there are going to be folks made because a black man is dressed in drag.  But this is an ebony and ivory venture. And I loathe the misappropriation of hip hop as much as anyone from the Bronx can. But sometimes, shit is just funny.  There  are justified times for anger.  This is not one of them.

So… relax and enjoy!

LMAO! Peace!

Men: We Want to Hear You Moan!

Bing Images

It’s accepted that most men want to be as cool as possible at all times. But I have to tell you guys, sex is not the time to be cool calm and collected. Open your mouth! Women want to hear you moan just as much as you want to hear them. Seeing you bite your bottom lip is nice. But hearing you moan is fucking spectacular!

Let me back up. I can only speak for myself, and the women I’ve spoken to who have dared to agree. I’m sure there are women that want you to shut up, and remain silent for the ride. I’m speaking on behalf of women who feel otherwise. Women who don’t like silent men. Coolness during sex is corny. Say something. Sound like something. I’m talking beyond asking her to say your name. I mean letting out sighs, moans, and groans. Breathing hard and fast, and all that jazz. Trust me, verbally expressing how good we are making you feel doesn’t take away from your manliness. It adds to our fervor to please you. Think about how encouraged you feel when we noisily react to you. It works both ways.

Being silent during sex is so last millennium. There is nothing like looking at my partner and hearing him gasp or grunt, because I feel so good to him that he can’t contain himself. Release yourselves fellas! It’s ok. No one is going to think any less of you for sighing when we hit your spot, hissing when we are riding you right, or screaming when we make you cum. The best sex is when both people are so involved that all of their pretenses and inhibitions fall to the wayside and they are just two animals fucking. Oh! It’s a beautiful thing! But if you’re having sex and you’re trying to be cute, then (in my humble opinion) you’re doing it wrong. Or not as well as you could be. 

Don’t take this as a complaint or a criticism. Take it as constructive information.

Now, I must add, we do appreciate the ways you show how good it was afterward. It’s lovely when you shiver, stretch your body out, flex your feet, and go to sleep. And this is not to say that all women make noise. I’m also not taking into account quiet sex due to children being in the house, or instances of bad sex. I’m talking about when it’s good to both parties, and you’re in the position to get it in. Make it even better with the power of your voice.

There are definitely men out there that get it. They don’t hold back. They are not afraid to make faces and sounds that express how much pleasure they feel. You guys rock!  

The rest of you guys, let yourselves be free. Stop trying to be cool. Your sounds drive women crazy. Give it a try. The next time she’s pleasuring you, make some noise and see how she reacts. You won’t regret it.


La Gata

What Is This Cat Fussing About?

cat argumentI have yet to get tired of this a cat video.  Kudos to the person that had the sense of humor to add the subtitles, making it even funnier.  I can’t help but to wonder though, what really happened here? Is the ginger cat a bully?  Or did the black and white cat do something unforgiveable?  The ginger is really chewing him/her out, while the black and white is just sitting there taking it, like he/she knows they did something wrong.

With all of the racism, sexism and injustice going on, won’t you please take a moment to laugh again, and again with me? Just a moment.  Thank you!

Side note: That cat might actually not be ginger.  The hair might be blond. I don’t know my colors, so it looks like an orange/red head to me. What do you think?