Let Me Put You On: Whoopi Goldberg Direct from Broadway

I remember watching this on HBO when I was a kid, and I imitated each of her characters, sans the curses.  I was enamored by her characters.  I had no idea what a big deal it was to see someone like her.  I was too young to appreciate what it meant for a black woman – a dark skinned black woman at that – to  have a one woman purely character driven, non-singing show.

She brought so much humanity to the people in her shows.  From the educated junkie, to the valley girl who gave her own self an abortion (who I imitated, but had no idea back then that she was describing an abortion – or even knew what an abortion was), to the little girl who dreamed of being white.  She had such an in depth understanding and compassion for the human condition, and to be able to bring it to the stage like that was/is phenomenal.

This was my introduction to Ms. Goldberg.  She said a lot of controversial things, then and now, and more power to her.  She’s unapologetic and I love her for it!  She’s one of my heroes.

It’s from 1985 and I haven’t seen this show in years and am so glad it’s on Youtube.  I have a whole new appreciation for her comedy as an adult.  She was so bold, and free.  Whoopi is the shit! Check it out below.

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Let Me Put You On: Jackie’s Back

I was sitting at my desk, eating some off-brand, Oreo-esque cookies, enjoying the mess out of Youtube, when I came across this hilarious Robert Townsend directed, made-for-TV movie.  It stars  the absolutely lovely, and ultra-talented, Jenifer Lewis.  She’s one of my favorite actresses.  My mom’s too.  It’s rare that we have the same tastes in anything, which means Ms. Lewis is amazing!

Everyone is in this movie from Loretta Devine, to Whoopi Goldberg (who plays her sister), to Tim Curry, to Bette Midler.  It also stars, Isabel Sanford, Kathy Griffin, Chris Rock, Howie Mandel, Liza Minnelli and more.  It’s a really eclectic cast.  It aired on Lifetime in 1999.

This is a great movie.  It is hilarious, but touches on some real emotions.  Then goes right back to being hilarious.  It’s the portrayal of a singer, Jackie Washington,  who garnered fame as a child, on through adulthood, then faded away.  Now she’s making a comeback.

Check it out below.

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Say It Isn’t So!!! Jon Stewart is Leaving “The Daily Show”

th (6)By now, I’m sure the majority of us have heard the news – Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. There’s a lot I want to say.  Way too much.  I know he has to go live his life and do all of the other things he wants to do, like be with his family.  I know I’m being super selfish by wanting him to hold off on his other endeavors, so that he can keep speaking sense to the nation.  He is just so important to me.  To the country.  He takes so many people to task for their bullshit, and I just don’t know who will do that Monday – Thursday when he’s gone.  I’m actually kind of scared about not having his voice of reason amongst all of the other babbage floating around cable news.

I wish I could thank Jon Stewart and The Daily Show staff in person for always speaking up and letting me know that there are white people out there who actually get it.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this, because I am really going to miss his comedy, his interviews and most of all his commentary.  I’ve been watching The Daily Show, since back when Craig Kilborn was the host.  I can still remember how excited I was to find out Jon Stewart was going to take over.  Not that I saw anything wrong with Kilborn, but I’d watched Stewart on MTV, and when he had his late night talk show, plus I really enjoyed his standup.  He took The Daily Show and made it my go-to source for news.  Between him, and then later, The Colbert Report, I remained up to date on news topics from sources I could trust.  They had no reason to manipulate the truth other than for laughs.  The world can be a vicious, evil, terrible place, so I don’t watch the news.  But I watch(ed) their shows.  Their shows tackled the news with more grace than the so-called “real” news shows.

th (7)Larry Wilmore has proven to be a great replacement for The Colbert Report.  I wish it was on for an hour.  His is more of a talk show.  We still need The Daily Show for its news style format. I wonder who is going to take over?  Or, will there even be a Daily Show anymore? Will an entirely different show take its place?

At the moment, it all seems to be up in the air.  In the meantime, I’m just really sad about this news.  I can’t say enough how much I’m going to miss him.

Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for standing up for the American people on so many topics from crooked politicians to Ferguson.  Thank you for your fearlessness, and your desire for the truth.  Thank you for speaking for those of us who don’t have a mic to be heard.

I wish you the best Jon Stewart.  We still have you for a few more months though.  I’m sorry that I won’t be able to go to your show to watch you live.  Maybe by some miracle I’ll be able to get tickets.  Or maybe you’ll do some more stand up and I’ll be able to catch a show.

I wonder if he knew how important his voice would become to the country? Amazing the things we can do.  He is definitely an inspiration. Don’t get me started on all the careers launched because of this show.

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Review of Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker the Berry”

Kendrick Lamar just killed the game with the release, a few hours ago, of, “The Blacker the Berry.”  From the title I thought I was finally getting an ode to dark skin women (HA!)  But this was just as good.  Better.  “I’m African American, I’m African, I’m black as the moon/heritage of a small village, pardon my residence. Came from the bottom of mankind/ my hair is nappy, my dick is big my nose is round and wide/you hate me don’t you? You hate my people, your plan is to terminate my culture…” WOOO!!!

I’m not sure if he said, “heritage” or “heretic”.  It works either way.   I’ve listened to this song several times over the past two th (4)hours.  Not since the 90s have I heard a rapper go the fuck off with raw pride about his blackness.  I take that back.  Not since Styles P’s “I’m Black”.

His bravado, his confidence, his pure grandiloquence is just…it’s quite sexy.  How old is he again? He’s over 21 right?

I loved the way he freaked this track.  It’s not a beat that I even like, but he murdered it lyrically, so much so that he made me like the beat.

He spoke truth in each line of every verse.  Straight up no chaser, he articulated what I and others feel with no apologies.  Things we say, but no one hears us.  He has the platform and he used it.  “I’m black as the heart of a fucking Aryan/black as the name of Tyrone and Darius”  Son, you’re killing me!  And the coup de gras…  the part that sat me back was his last verse which he ended with “…so why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street, when gangbanging make me kill a nigga blacker than me? Hypocrite” LOVE IT!

He goes from showing the pride, to calling bullshit on whites and blacks.  The hypocrisy of us being mad about others killing us, but then killing each other.  Get it Kendrick!

th (5)To know me, is to know that I don’t subscribe to the term “black on black crime.” Not until white on white crime is equally addressed.  People commit crimes against those closest in proximity to them, which is usually someone of the same color.  But, I definitely acknowledge that since we have an active populous of not all, but enough, whites who hate, fear, loathe, envy, and despise us, that we need to be more humane with each other, since are quick to be inhumane to us.  We’re not going to make it if we keep damaging each other.

Every minority that’s come to this country has had unity and that’s why they make it.  The biggest difference between us and them (which is the difference that makes all the difference in the world) is that they chose to come to this country.  They decide to leave their old world and come to this new one, still with their languages, culture and customs intact, and they use those things to their advantage.  The descendants of Africans enslaved in the Americas did not have that luxury.  We are descendants of various nations that were thrown together and forced to integrate in the face of an oppressor who could care less about our varied heritages. Our languages, cultures and customs were ripped from us, and thusly we developed the truest American culture, African American culture.

Ok, I went deeper into that than I intended.  But that’s what great art causes. Deep thought and long conversations. And make no mistake, this is a work of art.  This is hip hop as I’ve always known it.  An instrument of great thought, emotion and vainglorious verbal slapping.

I can look past that king of NY thing, because when I hear him, his lyrical excellence garners my respect.  The things he says in this song makes me want to put aside every silly disagreement, and just build.  That’s some powerful stuff right there.

I anticipate his new album.  Between this, “I”, and his performance on SNL, I just can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.  He gives me that anticipatory feeling I have whenever I know Nas is dropping something, which is the biggest compliment any rapper can get from me.

And I’m glad he didn’t go to the Grammy’s especially since he won.  I remember when the Grammy’s wouldn’t even let the rap acts on the show.  That was a fat middle finger, with a “rotate on it” stamp.

It’s a little after midnight EST.  I need to get to bed before I write a novella about this song.

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“That’s Racist” – Mike Epps’ New Comedy Series Tackles Racism with Humor

The best way to deal with race is to peel the façade of blind tolerance off and take a look at the infection of racism itself.  That’s what Mike Epps does in his new AOL series That’s Racist.  There are six episodes so far, and I have enjoyed each one.  He takes stereotypes, jokes about them, but then delves into their origins for understanding.  It’s funny, informative, and a much needed reprieve from all of the fake post-racial America lies that politicians and the media are trying to force down our throats.

mike epps.png2The bit about bad Asian drivers was really eye opening (you might be racist if you read that as a pun).  Turns out, in many Asian countries, the rules of the road are that there are no rules.  They just go and get where they are going in the best way possible.  Those patterns carry over to them driving in American traffic.  I never thought about the way people drive in other countries, but I’ve watched some Youtube videos and, it’s pretty freaking crazy in some places. The driving culture is completely different from ours.

And that’s the point of his series.  To open our minds up to the reasons people do things, culturally, and how they became stereotypes.

mike eppsAfrican Americans and the fried chicken stereotype has an interesting history.  As does the stereotype about Jews being stingy.

Some folks are way too caught up in believing we are all the same, and no one should see color, and all of that BS, so they may take this show offensively. Not to mention the amount of people that can’t take a joke.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, this may not be the show for you.  If you think you don’t see color, then this show may get under your skin. I for one think my color is beautiful and I find it offensive when people say they don’t see it.  Denial of color, culture, religion, etc… is a dangerous type of ignorance that just leads to more issues.  Let’s instead appreciate our differences.  There’s nothing wrong with them, they are just differences.

Comedy is a great teacher and I’m so glad to see this type of dialogue happening.  I look forward to more episodes.

In regard to black folks and fried chicken, I’d like to leave you with these words from one of Nick Kroll’s many awesome characters, Fabrice Fabrice, “You know who likes fried chicken? It’s black people. You know who else likes fried chicken? EVERYBODY!”

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Magnum Condoms – Fellas, Stay In Your Lane

thL48VGT93Maybe my vagina is just too sensitive.  I say that because I find ribbed condoms painful.  But that’s just me.  I can only assume there are women who like them, since they are still on the market.  A Magnum condom worn by a non-magnum penis gives me a similar painful feeling. Condoms should not have wrinkles!  They hurt, and they look horrible.  By wrinkles, I don’t mean the length wise excess, which is roll up.  I mean, actual wrinkles along the length of the shaft, because the condom is too wide.

I won’t say his name, no matter how much I’d like to,  but I had a boyfriend, who for whatever reason decided to use Magnums.  He wasn’t small by any means, but he wasn’t a Magnum man.  So, since he couldn’t fill up the condom, it left wrinkles and those wrinkles were painful.

I don’t know what types of ego things go on in a man’s mind that would make him try a Magnum. Why embarrass yourself, or us?  Maybe they don’t realize the actual width and length of a Magnum condom. According to condom-sizes.org,  regular Trojan, Lifestyles and Durex condoms are 7.50″ long and 2.09″ wide.  While, a Trojan Magnum condom is 8.07″ long and 2.13″ wide, with a head width of 2.56″.  So, the regular sized condoms are plenty big for most men.

I have had an actual Magnum man (or two), and (sorry, I’m having an especially, sweet moment with my memory), though there may have been some initial pain, it had nothing to do with condom wrinkles.

thPPY2HH5ZSo, what have we learned today?  Men, stay in your lane! If you use regular condoms, it by no means indicates that you are small.  If  you can fill up a regular condom, you’re still pretty freaking big.  Now, if you get wrinkles in a regular condom, well…there’s a condom for that too.  I thought snugs were a joke, but I just saw them when I looked up the dimensions of regular and large condoms. So there’s a lane for everyone.

Accept your penis size!   Bigger doesn’t mean better.  I mean, usually it does, but not all the time.  But most of the time, yeah, it does.  However, size is relative to the woman you’re with.  We don’t all see size the same way.  Six inches can be huge to one woman, or man, while eight inches can be small to another.  Just as women have to embrace the varying sizes of our bodies,  so should you embrace your manhood.  Besides, you only have one size to worry about – your penis. And no one can see that by just looking at you (though we have our ways of very effective guessing).  Meanwhile, women are concerned about breast, ass, hips, thighs, arms, and stomach sizes, and most of our parts are constantly on display, even in burqas.  So stay in your lane and use the right condoms!  Besides, if you use the wrong size, it kind of defeats the purpose of protection.

What’s So Wrong With Being Naked?

th (5)Recently, I posted a beautiful pic of a bare Venus Williams on the cover of ESPN.  She looks amazing, and inspired me to work out.  One of my FBFs reposted it and asked “Why?”.  I can only assume she meant “why would she pose naked?”  To which I responded, “Why not? Her body is beautiful. Why have shame about our bodies? We all have the same thing, but we keep it covered up bc of what? Bc society has decidedd that the most natural part of us is obscene?”  (Yes, I had 3 ‘d’s in decided.)

I respect opinions.  We all have them.  Here’s mine:

The human body is a thing of beauty.  It’s natural art.  Why all of the shame?  If they were meant to be covered, we’d be born with fur.  The only valid reason I see to cover up is for protection from the elements.  We’ve made looking at our bodies such a perversion that it has actually become perverted.  If we were all naked, all the time, as part of our cultural upbringing, there would probably be less perverted activity.  The mystery of “seeing what’s underneath” would be replaced by knowing, and accepting it as being as natural as looking at someone’s face, which in some cultures is supremely intimate, and is taboo.

th5BN4K0A3Is it the belief that if I walk down the street naked, someone will be more prone to rape me?   Women in burqas get raped.  So, clothing has nothing to do with it.

thZPNCTU1IIt appears to be a matter of keeping women in their places – you know, since it’s socially acceptable for men to walk around topless.  I can hear people now saying, “But that’s different.”  It’s different because we made it different.  We’ve collectively accepted that a man’s chest is not obscene, but a woman’s breasts (which nurture the human race) are  obscene, along with the rest of our bodies.


Shame is a tool used by people to control each other.   I don’t think we were created to be ashamed of what the Creator created.  Especially, for those who believe in intelligent design. Wouldn’t covering up the design be a slap in the face of the designer?

thF4EWCGBWThere have been unfair comparisons made to Saartjie Baartman, the “Hottentot Venus”.  I feel it is disrespectful to Saartjie Baartman to compare the two. She had no choice in the matter, and was taken around as though she was a show animal. Venus Williams is a powerful, multi-millionaire, with free will, and is one of many women and men featured in the same and similar issues of ESPNs body magazine.

That’s my little two cents.  As I said in my poem, “What I’ve Grown to Love” (ehem) “If I could, I would walk around in my nakedness for all to see…”

th (6)Naked is beautiful!  Take as many naked pics as possible.  You don’t necessarily have to share them, but have them for yourself. Love your design, and appreciate it.

To Venus: You go girl!  You look fantastic!

Thank you for reading!

Peace and love.