My Friends

Lizette Rodriguez-Hernandez and I go back like car seats. We grew up a few blocks from each other in the Bronx and have been friends since we were twelve. I love her to life! She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met—but she does not play! She is about her business, which includes beinga wonderful mother and wife, holding down a full –time job, and being a strong voice aand advocate for children, and adults with Autism, and their parents. Please visit her blog:

Essie Golden started out as a co-worker. We were forced to get to know each other by the proximity of our work stations, and thank goodness we like each other because we sat close enough to hear each other’s thoughts. We laugh A LOT! Turns out, she is a beautiful model, who aims to break stereotypes, and show women, by example that we define our beauty. Please visit her blog: and her website:

Mikaila 1
Mikaila Brown and I met while apartment hunting in Brooklyn. NYC apartment hunting is serious, grizzly business and people vying for an apartment can become quite ugly with each other. Instead of our claws coming out, we both shared the mindset that things will work out for the best. We turned what could have been an ugly situation into a delightful friendship. She just happens to be an awesome fashion desigher with a social conscience. A percentage of her sales helps to save child soldiers in the Sudan. Fashion and charity are just the tip of the iceberg of Dr. Brown’s accomplishments. Please visit her website:


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