Let Me Put You On: Whoopi Goldberg Direct from Broadway

I remember watching this on HBO when I was a kid, and I imitated each of her characters, sans the curses.  I was enamored by her characters.  I had no idea what a big deal it was to see someone like her.  I was too young to appreciate what it meant for a black woman – a dark skinned black woman at that – to  have a one woman purely character driven, non-singing show.

She brought so much humanity to the people in her shows.  From the educated junkie, to the valley girl who gave her own self an abortion (who I imitated, but had no idea back then that she was describing an abortion – or even knew what an abortion was), to the little girl who dreamed of being white.  She had such an in depth understanding and compassion for the human condition, and to be able to bring it to the stage like that was/is phenomenal.

This was my introduction to Ms. Goldberg.  She said a lot of controversial things, then and now, and more power to her.  She’s unapologetic and I love her for it!  She’s one of my heroes.

It’s from 1985 and I haven’t seen this show in years and am so glad it’s on Youtube.  I have a whole new appreciation for her comedy as an adult.  She was so bold, and free.  Whoopi is the shit! Check it out below.

Thank you for reading!