Let Me Put You On: Jackie’s Back

I was sitting at my desk, eating some off-brand, Oreo-esque cookies, enjoying the mess out of Youtube, when I came across this hilarious Robert Townsend directed, made-for-TV movie.  It stars  the absolutely lovely, and ultra-talented, Jenifer Lewis.  She’s one of my favorite actresses.  My mom’s too.  It’s rare that we have the same tastes in anything, which means Ms. Lewis is amazing!

Everyone is in this movie from Loretta Devine, to Whoopi Goldberg (who plays her sister), to Tim Curry, to Bette Midler.  It also stars, Isabel Sanford, Kathy Griffin, Chris Rock, Howie Mandel, Liza Minnelli and more.  It’s a really eclectic cast.  It aired on Lifetime in 1999.

This is a great movie.  It is hilarious, but touches on some real emotions.  Then goes right back to being hilarious.  It’s the portrayal of a singer, Jackie Washington,  who garnered fame as a child, on through adulthood, then faded away.  Now she’s making a comeback.

Check it out below.

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Sometimes I’m an Asshole & Other Things I Accept About Myself

th87QWK2YUWe all have our crosses to bear, or even just BS about ourselves, that we have to deal with.  No one is perfect and that’s what makes us awesomely unique.  Here’s a list of some random things, twenty to be exact, that I find, not necessarily unacceptable, but just a little suspect about myself. Some are mental, some are physical. None of it stops me from thinking, I’m the shit!  Sometimes, I’m shitty, but I’m still the shit! (I need to quote myself on that one lol!) You should feel the same about you.

These are in no particular order, and as always, my disclaimer – I’m speaking for myself and not every black woman, or black person in the world.

1.Some days the only reason I wake up is because I have to pee.

2.I use “awesome” way too much.

3.I’ll listen to the same song for hours on end until I can’t stand it anymore.

4.I’ve watched Goonies, Django, House Party, Zombieland, Barber Shop, Barber Shop 2, Dawn of the Dead, The Color Purple, and The 40 Year Old Virgin over 200 times each.

5.My right foot is way cuter than my left foot.

6.I bullshit too much, and waste far too much time not writing.

7.People scare me.  Especially, friendly people. I’m always trying to figure out their angle.

8.I’m mad at Chris Rock because I wasn’t a part of writing “Top Five”.  It’s not like he knows me or anything, but I think he’s not opening up his mind to meet our cosmic connection.  I’ve also watched Bring the Pain, Don’t Kill the Messenger, Bigger & Blacker, and Never Scared, over 200 times each.

9.Sometimes I’m crazy.

10.I have dyslexic moments.  Or maybe I just don’t pay attention.

11.Sometimes I overthink, to the point I paralyze myself.

12.I start things and never finish them.  It’s been happening since I was a kid and it’s a hard habit to break.

13.When people bore me I fall asleep on them, and then have to make up an excuse, like “I was up really late last night”.

14.Some days I hate my face and my body.

15.i want to be a rapper, but like, in the 90s.  Like, I want to go back in time and drop an album, and videos.

16.I talk to myself A LOT!

17.I can’t sing, but I insist on singing all the time.

18.I can be a real asshole sometimes.  I have moments where I’m like a white man.  Just mean, and careless about people’s feelings, and I say horrible things.  It’s rare, but when it happens, I’m just a pure dick.  I call those moments being Brad.

19.I’m prejudiced.  I try not to generalize people, but I prejudge people.  Mostly, I prejudge them about what I think, they are going to think, about me.

20.I’m lactose intolerant, but it doesn’t stop me from eating several gallons of ice-cream every year.  Especially in the winter. I just go ahead and suffer the consequences.

I could go on for another twenty, but I’ll spare you the time and me the embarrassment.

thW65VM6N3I wrote this because acknowledging my faults will help me overcome them.  But more importantly, to accept the things that just make me, me.  We are way too hard on ourselves about a lot of superficial things, and soft on some things that truly matter.  I have my quirks.  We all do. Depending on who you want to be you can lose ’em, tweak ’em, or keep ’em.  Our lives are up to us.

There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself.  It’s the best gift you can give to your mind, body, and soul. If you can love and accept the flaws of others, certainly you owe yourself the same love and acceptance.

What are some of the things you accept about yourself that are a little suspect?  Share with me.

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Review: Chris Rock’s “Top Five”

thZGKD46E7Two of my favorite things in the world are comedy and hip hop. Add a non-cheesy love story, black consciousness and social commentary to the mix, and you have Chris Rock’s outstandingly, wonderful film Top Five. I can’t say enough good things about this movie. I want to see it again! As soon as it’s available I’m buying it.

thCM48VEG9It had some great surprises, and at this stage in my movie-watching-life it is hard to surprise me. It had loads of cameos too by people who I love. Some whom Hollywood often overlooks. I don’t even want to give any spoilers. It’s so good, I just want you to go see it and find out for yourself! This may be the first movie that I’ve ever felt that away about, where I don’t want to give anything away. I will say this; DMX had me literally crying laughing.

I haven’t been so affected by a movie in years. It made me want to become a better writer. It was so real and true and earnest.

Top-5-Trailer-611x341This is one of those movies that I’m glad I experienced in the theater, with my popcorn and people around me who seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. People in the audience were agreeing, loudly, whenever someone on screen listed their top five. As any hip hop head knows, your top five is a major definition of who you are. I just love the fact that Chris Rock knows that, and that he chose to use that as the movie title.

Might I add, JB Smoove had a great role. He shined. Rosario Dawson is one of my favorite actresses and I just adored her in this movie.

Top Five gets five of five stars.

In case you care to know, my top five are:

2011-topic-rakim thBQ1QAW64 th5859QPH7 th6QV0KJ0Uth0VZC4JC9

My sixth men are:

thVVRW8ORR th0W3M3AMWthNZ6UYQ3FI know there’s only one sixth man, but my team is special.

The order of the players are subject to change, depending on my mood–except for my top three. They are always in the top three.

Who are your top five?

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Trailer & Interview for New Chris Rock Movie: Top Five

Chris Rock’s new movie Top Five, is due out December 2014. It’s the story of a comedian coming to terms with the world as it is now. Not coming to terms has made him not funny. Part of which is accepting that, though, we are not in a post-racial America (I actually don’t even believe that’s a thing. Maybe the term should be post-racist. In either case we aren’t in either), things are way better than they have been for my parent’s generation in many respects. Though definitely not all. Racism is still alive and well.


I have gotten a few cabs in Manhattan. I’m always surprised when it happens. That’s something that was almost an impossible feat just ten years ago. But then you still have incidents like in Staten Island and Ferguson. So, socially, amongst citizens things may be improving. But institutionally, not nearly enough progress has been made.

Not recognizing some of the social change can make comedians sound dated. That goes beyond racism. That is about artists recognizing the world they are actually in, not the one in their heads.


I have got to see this movie! I love Chris Rock, so just seeing his name as the headliner made me want to go. But I am comforted by the fact that two of my top three MCs are in his top five. He left out KRS ONE, but I’ll forgive him for that.

Top Five stars, Gabrielle Union, Rosario Dawson, Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin Hart, JB Smoove, and Tracy Morgan.