Hip Hop: Preach Muzak – I’m So Diggin’ This Dude!

To know me, is to know I have a deep, strong love for hip hop that goes back to my childhood in the South Bronx.  I love lyricism, and loathe BS lyrics.  The actual art of hip hop infatuates me, and I am always hungry to hear artist who respect the craft.

As of January, I literally live with hip hop music being created all day in my brother’s studio.  Artists come through daily with beats and rhymes, and they all think they are killing it.  Some are actually good. Some, well… I don’t want to be mean, so I’ll say, some are just not so good.  I’m super skeptical about anyone who speaks too big about their skills.  Let the lyrics speak.  My love for hip hop art, coupled with being in this constant studio environment, has fine-tuned and primed my ears for good hip hop.

I say all of that to say this: I found some good hip hop.

@Malika_Polter just put me on to Preach Muzak.   When I say just, I mean literally, about an hour before I started writing this. The first song I listened to was “Eighty Six.”  The beat was classic, laid back, drive-down-the-block-with-the-windows-open, dope!  Then he started rhyming, and I was done!  I stopped what I was doing, and started listening to his Youtube channel.  I downloaded The Rising Trilogy Vol 1 as well.

This dude is nice.

And say word – dude is nice to look at, on top of being lyrical.  Stop it!  That’s like finding a unicorn.  There’s only a few.  Nas, and Common, immediately come to mind. Kendrick is up there too. The above pic is cute, but does not do him complete justice.  Ladies, look at the videos.

On my hip hop score card he gets one star each for voice, lyrics, content, delivery/cadence, and beat.  Five star rapper.  Dig that.

I wish this brother the best.  It can be hard out here for a lyricist, in America these days.  Rappers who spit something you actually want to slow down and listen to. I’m mad that I’m just now finding out about him.  I would love to interview him, and pick his brain about his concepts and his writing process.

The Rising Trilogy Vol. 1

If you are a true hip hop fan, I’d highly recommend Preach Muzak. Get him in your life ASAP!

You can download him here.

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Common Interview on the Breakfast Club

Take a look at wonderfully talented Common on The Breakfast Club. He talks about winning the Oscar, his aspirations of EGOTing (my 30 Roc fans know about that) and playing the Green Lantern.

He is just so charming and secure in himself. Humble, while still acknowledging how awesome he is. That is a beautiful combination.

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Review: Chris Rock’s “Top Five”

thZGKD46E7Two of my favorite things in the world are comedy and hip hop. Add a non-cheesy love story, black consciousness and social commentary to the mix, and you have Chris Rock’s outstandingly, wonderful film Top Five. I can’t say enough good things about this movie. I want to see it again! As soon as it’s available I’m buying it.

thCM48VEG9It had some great surprises, and at this stage in my movie-watching-life it is hard to surprise me. It had loads of cameos too by people who I love. Some whom Hollywood often overlooks. I don’t even want to give any spoilers. It’s so good, I just want you to go see it and find out for yourself! This may be the first movie that I’ve ever felt that away about, where I don’t want to give anything away. I will say this; DMX had me literally crying laughing.

I haven’t been so affected by a movie in years. It made me want to become a better writer. It was so real and true and earnest.

Top-5-Trailer-611x341This is one of those movies that I’m glad I experienced in the theater, with my popcorn and people around me who seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. People in the audience were agreeing, loudly, whenever someone on screen listed their top five. As any hip hop head knows, your top five is a major definition of who you are. I just love the fact that Chris Rock knows that, and that he chose to use that as the movie title.

Might I add, JB Smoove had a great role. He shined. Rosario Dawson is one of my favorite actresses and I just adored her in this movie.

Top Five gets five of five stars.

In case you care to know, my top five are:

2011-topic-rakim thBQ1QAW64 th5859QPH7 th6QV0KJ0Uth0VZC4JC9

My sixth men are:

thVVRW8ORR th0W3M3AMWthNZ6UYQ3FI know there’s only one sixth man, but my team is special.

The order of the players are subject to change, depending on my mood–except for my top three. They are always in the top three.

Who are your top five?

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My MCM – Common

thV35CWCDMCommon is just all around dope. His lyrical prowess makes him one of my favorite hip hop artists. He was the first Chicago rapper that I’d ever encountered, when his “Soul by the Pound” video debuted on Video Music Box.

Of course he was Common Sense back then. He had Q-tip, Grand Puba and Red Man infused in the hook, which is what made me pay attention to the song in the first place. I enjoyed the beat, thought he was cute, but honestly, I was a NYC snob at the time, so I wasn’t really checking for him. That was in ‘92.

thBMW2MJI2 (2)Then, “I Used to Love H.E.R.” came out and killed it! That song is amazing! Lyrically it was so well put together, the whole concept was ill, and I love the video. That’s when I became a fan.

Common has gone on to become one of the most important figures in hip hop. I appreciate that he’s not afraid to take chances with his music. He’s a true artist.

th (2)He’s a conscious brother which is always a plus. He seems to just be an all-around good human being.


I freaking loved that he didn’t back down when Cube came at him, and he hit back with “The Bitch in Yoo”

And to top it all off, he is so fine. OMG! That is a gorgeous man.

commonThat is why he is my MCM.

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Today’s Shuffle List

My Shuffle List

As part of my quest to spread joy, while the world falls apart, I wanted to share some music with you.  I’ll be doing this ever so often. I remember of friend of mine telling me that while she was working as a corrections officer at a prison, she played her radio and it pacified everyone.  I think about the times that music has amped me up, made me sad or made me so happy to be alive. It’s powerful.  I love the effect music has on people.  Music, art, and comedy – what would I do without you?

I hit shuffle on my phone and these are the first ten songs that played in order:

Testify – Common


I’m Still in Love with You – Al Green

Al Green

I Won’t Let You Down – Alex Clare

Alex Clare

Sweetest Thing – Lauren Hill

lauren hill

Changes I’ve Been Going Through

Mary J Blige tumblr_mmsxwiWSvB1r3gb6ao1_1280

Ask of You – Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq Raphael%20Saadiq-17

Nasty – Nas

Nas bing

Are You Ready – Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason thXYDBXD2H

Roses – NasNas Roses

Check the Rhyme – A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest thC3JDXEAR

I love all of these songs.  But hearing some them back to back was a little depressing, since I’m not in love with anyone.  Seems like my shuffle was in a certain mood, huh? We’ll see what my next shuffle gives me.  For now, I’m not taking any chances on the shuffle.  I’m about to play the rest of Low End Theory, then, Illmatic and reminisce about the 90s. Back when I had no bills, and my biggest concern was which Guess shirt to wear.   

What is your shuffle?