DJ Khaled’s Hot 97 Interview – Energy on Energy on Energy!

By nature a DJ is supposed to be inspirational. Their job is to feel the crowd and create an environment that inspires it to move. So, it should come as no surprise that I was moved mentally and physically by DJ Khaled’s Hot 97 interview.

I’ve seen him interviewed before, but he was in rare form in this one. I love his confidence, his braggadocio, his energy. He hyped me up about him and about myself. He made me want to grow and be better. It’s a gift to make people feel that way.

In this video, he puts me in the mind of Puffy. Someone whose energy is so great that they make you feel better about yourself and your potential because of how they feel about themselves. People who are giving of their energy in such a positive way that you can’t help but to catch the wave. Even if for a moment. That’s all life is, a series of moments.

Here’s the video. I was in here cracking up. That good kind of laugh when you have to clap your hands.  My dude said, “special cloth alert.”  I don’t know what that means, but it had me dying!  And he did some straight Raekwon ish and made up a new word, “accreate,” his version of accurate. I love his energy, love his humor, and respect his hustle