Hip Hop: Preach Muzak – I’m So Diggin’ This Dude!

To know me, is to know I have a deep, strong love for hip hop that goes back to my childhood in the South Bronx.  I love lyricism, and loathe BS lyrics.  The actual art of hip hop infatuates me, and I am always hungry to hear artist who respect the craft.

As of January, I literally live with hip hop music being created all day in my brother’s studio.  Artists come through daily with beats and rhymes, and they all think they are killing it.  Some are actually good. Some, well… I don’t want to be mean, so I’ll say, some are just not so good.  I’m super skeptical about anyone who speaks too big about their skills.  Let the lyrics speak.  My love for hip hop art, coupled with being in this constant studio environment, has fine-tuned and primed my ears for good hip hop.

I say all of that to say this: I found some good hip hop.

@Malika_Polter just put me on to Preach Muzak.   When I say just, I mean literally, about an hour before I started writing this. The first song I listened to was “Eighty Six.”  The beat was classic, laid back, drive-down-the-block-with-the-windows-open, dope!  Then he started rhyming, and I was done!  I stopped what I was doing, and started listening to his Youtube channel.  I downloaded The Rising Trilogy Vol 1 as well.

This dude is nice.

And say word – dude is nice to look at, on top of being lyrical.  Stop it!  That’s like finding a unicorn.  There’s only a few.  Nas, and Common, immediately come to mind. Kendrick is up there too. The above pic is cute, but does not do him complete justice.  Ladies, look at the videos.

On my hip hop score card he gets one star each for voice, lyrics, content, delivery/cadence, and beat.  Five star rapper.  Dig that.

I wish this brother the best.  It can be hard out here for a lyricist, in America these days.  Rappers who spit something you actually want to slow down and listen to. I’m mad that I’m just now finding out about him.  I would love to interview him, and pick his brain about his concepts and his writing process.

The Rising Trilogy Vol. 1

If you are a true hip hop fan, I’d highly recommend Preach Muzak. Get him in your life ASAP!

You can download him here.

Thank you for reading!